Understand, Predict & Influence Customers

Artificial Intelligence & Behavioural Psychology to help brands send relevant marketing messages in real-time

How it Works

Suzu intelligently personalises the journey of every visitor on your site in real-time, as they browse. As a result we can increase engagement, revenue & retention.

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Dynamic Profiling

Continuously predict hundreds of traits for each customer such as basket size, purchase intent, price sensitivity, product preferences and more.

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Artificial Intelligence

Dynamically learn from & adapt to every customer interaction with your site using cutting edge AI research.

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Behavioural Messages

Predict & select the marketing action which maximises CLV. Only users who really need a message will see one.

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Fair Business Model

Control experiments demonstrate exactly how much value Suzu adds to your business & align our incentives perfectly with yours.

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Install in Minutes

Technical integration takes under 5 minutes and we help you craft the perfect messages.

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Unique Insights (Coming Soon)

Automatically generate insights about your customers' journeys, impossible to discover with traditional static analysis techniques.


Dynamic Profiling

Decisions are driven by the subconscious mind and by emotion. Behaviour, in the form of page views, mouse movements & image hovers reveal a user's subconscious state.

This state is deeply personal & evolves throughout the customer journey. Suzu’s Artificial Intelligence technology constantly adjusts its behavioural profile of each user in real-time.

The behavioural profile is combined with predictive profiles based on a user's intents, concerns, preferences and value.

Suzu then leverages the power of these personalised profiles with targeted messages to increase sales. Interacting with customers while they are still on your site and in-the-moment.


Behavioural Messages

Just building a dynamic profile of each user isn’t enough. We also predict which message will resonate given a customer’s current state & select the perfect message to maximise conversion on a person-by-person basis.

Each marketing message is grounded in behavioural psychology research and a deep understanding of consumer concerns & hesitations.

Our massive datasets, encompassing millions of customer interactions, reveal which messages have the greatest impact. Once we start interacting with your customers, our algorithm is then fine-tuned for your site.

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